Swimming pool cleaning

In order to enjoy your swimming pool to the fullest, a weekly professional maintenance is required. At Around the pool, a team of professional cleaners are trained to ensure that your pool is in the best condition at all times and will help you enjoy its benefits without the burden of having to look after it. Your swimming pool becomes our responsibility.

Swimming pool cleaning services

Package details for swimming pool maintenance 


Weekly chemicals dosage for chlorine and pH regulator


Addition of salt if necessary for salt treatment technology


Addition of magnesium for magnesium treatment technology


Salt & chemicals are supplied by Around The Pool


Weekly vacuuming and brushing


Weekly cleaning of the filtration system by backwash and rinse or as and when necessary


Weekly cleaning of the salt chlorinator electrodes and electrolysis plates or as and when necessary


Weekly technical check on filtration equipment


Emergencies, repairs to lights and equipments, servicing to pool pumps and plumbing/electric repairs are carried out by our technical department after approval of quotation.