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EcoPools® is a specialist BioEngineering company established in 2007, from Cape Town, South Africa. The founder, Dr. Jerome Davis (PhD, BioEngineering, Gent University, Belgium), has over 30 years commercial experience in biological water filtration, including aquaculture, water features, marine systems, sewerage treatment, grey water wetlands and EcoPools.

This experience forms the basis of their approach and has allowed them to refine the technology with a special focus on warm climates. They specialize in clean, algae free, efficient, low maintenance and low energy consumption solutions and have developed a range of filtration systems to meet these criteria. Many of their filtration components have been custom designed to suit the needs of the EcoPools Network Partners for each specific local condition.

EcoPools Mauritius operates through a modern cloud structure, bringing together the experience of an international network of environmental professionals working in different countries. This virtual approach provides a dynamic flow of information and exchange of experiences, keeping us always up-to-date with the technological innovations of our field of action worldwide and thus being better prepared to face the challenges that arise, wherever .

EcoPools creates ecosystems around our clients. Because we are Bioengineers, we have an in-depth understanding of how aquatic ecosystems work. We are not just installers of a product. Whereas many companies have a system that they simply repeat time and time again, our speciality is understanding the water and the environment and tailor making a solution around our clients: their aesthetics, their budget, their climate, their lifestyle. We like to interact with everyone during the design process as much as possible. We like our ideas to grow, just like our ecosystems.

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