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Design & Construction - Finding your perfect fit

Designing the right water space can be a headache. Throw your worries to the wind with Around the Pool as we bring you our expertise and experience to help you find the perfect fit for your outdoor area.

Our goal is to provide our client with tailor-made advice and support, be they a prospective facility owner, contractor or design professional.materials and attention to detail, so you can jump in with complete confidence.

Our services include initial planning, budget preparation, feasibility studies and hands-on technical consultations to create the right space for you. After an in-depth breakdown of the client’s needs and expectations, we work hand-in-hand with your architects and construction teams so you can sit back and watch your ideas become reality. When it comes to mechanical and electrical services, we provide valuable expertise backed up by our extensive experience in large RES and IRS estate developments.

Have a custom idea in mind?

Let us make it happen: Around the Pool takes pool conception further by providing construction services for concrete pools. Within one to three months, dive head first into your own custom- made swimming area. We work with the strongest materials and attention to detail, so you can jump in with complete confidence.

Design & Construction in a nutshell:

- Materials consulting

- Project scheduling & monitoring

- Cost estimations

- Supply & installation of filtration equipment

- Supply & installation of plumbing & electrical components

- Shop drawings, product data, samples and submittals

- Inspection coordination

- Agency consulting, review and approval

- On-site observation, troubleshooting and technical assistance

- Maintenance and preventive maintenance


Does your swimming pool need a little tender loving care? Around the Pool offers an array of services to renovate pools and decking that show wear & tear.

Renovation services include:

- All types of tiling

- Fiberglass lining

- Copings

- Timber decking

- Covertex

- Slabs

- Customized Pool security fence

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Maintenance & Operation

Our company has built strong ties with our clients by guaranteeing and excellent quality of service, especially regarding pool maintenance. We support pool owners with information on technical issues, such as advanced water care, mechanical maintenance, automation and bather comfort and safety. We also take preventive measures to extend your equipment and systems’ lifespan, while maintaining them for ultimate performance over the long term.

As pool specialists, we are aware that there is a delicate balance between keeping pools clean and limiting chemical exposure for pool users. We prioritise technical skills and close monitoring over the heavy use of product, to keep your water sanitised and your environmental impact low.

Pool Maintenance in a nutshell:

- Recirculation – water clarity, flow rate...

- Filtration – sand and hi-rate filters

- Heating – energy sources and energy savings

- Water Chemistry – sanitation, Eco-treatment, chemical treatment, salt chlorination, magnesium...

- Pool Equipment Use and Maintenance – filters, strainers, skimmers, weirs, feeders, heaters, lights, pumps, deck equipment, safety equipment

- Automation and Control – temperature, chemical control, lighting and electrical...

- Maintenance of pool surfaces – bottom and sides

- Records, Data Collection and Schedules – test sheets, chemical records

- Problem Solving – eye irritation, odours, coloration, staining, turbidity

Preventive Maintenance

Are you the kind of person who likes to maintain your pool & equipment on your own, but need a technical back-up? - Around the pool offers you a monthly technical check.

Indeed, you can benefit from our expertise to help you maintain your equipment in operating conditions via systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.


Fibreglass Pool

We assist you for the choice of the best pool that will fit your space. Fiberglass swimming pools are flexible and delicate to install. Our experience will help you avoid the pitfalls and guaranty a durable and quality finish. A safe and solid environment for your pool is our goal.

- Selection of your pool technical & budget wise

- Order of the pool

- Preparation of the space where the pool will be installed

​- Delivery of the pool on site

​- Installation of the pool

​- Installation of plumbing & electricity

​- Installation of your pool deck

​- Creation of your outdoor living space

​- Project delivery and quality control

​- Commissioning of the pool

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Mechanical & Electrical services

It takes high quality equipment to keep your pool in its optimal state. Around the Pool is a reseller of world-renowned gear that will provide you with durable, reliable and effective pool cleaning & maintenance at home.

We offer M&E supply and installation service on newly build pools or existing pools. Our clients are individuals as well as IRS, RES projects, commercial pools.

Our filtration equipment includes:

- Pumps

- Sand & cartridge Filters

- Sand, glass, fibalon

Water treatment products:

- Salt chlorinators

- Magnesium chlorinators

- Chlorine & PH automatic dosing pumps

- EcoPools natural filtration system

Pool accessories & fittings:

- Led lights (Stainless steel & ABS)

- Skimmers

- Wall & floor returns (Stainless steel & ABS)

- Vacuum inlets (Stainless steel & ABS)

- Bottom drains

- Fibreglass gratings

- Fountains

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Around Your Pool

Because your pool deck is part of the pool, we work with qualified and selected landscape designers to bring value to your pool.  ​

A landsacpe in harmony with your lifestyle, reflecting your personality. 

- Landscape design 

- Pool decking with various materiels

- Timber decking

- Small water garden & pond

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